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Q2 2021

Videos Upload

Will support uploading raw video files into activity feeds, groups, messages, forum replies, and documents. The uploaded video files will be compressed and then viewable as playable videos.


Been able to share post and feeds.

Q2 2021
Q2 2021


Can post and see the job listings.

External Invitation

Been able to send invitation to external people that do not have a Peerstie account

Q2 2021
Q2 2021

Business Directory

A page where all business can post their companies and what they do


The business will be able to post their best products so other business can see them

Q3 2021
Q3 2021

LMS Courses

Been able to post and take courses inside Peerstie

Different profile for business

Been able to create a profile and mark it as a Business with custom fields and proof

Q3 2021
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